Mladinski pevski festival Celje

Competition of Children’s, Youth and Girl’s Choirs * Concerts * Open Singing * Workshops * Round Tables * Exhibition * Closing concert of joined choirs

International Youth Choir Festival Celje is a biennial meeting of youth choirs chosen from Slovenia and abroad. In its history it has become an important international choir manifestation that regularly follows, values and stimulates the achievements of youth choirs, and with this it influences the quality level of young people’s singing culture.

CELJE National Hall


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Youth Choir Festival Celje.

The Choirs taking part at the 36th International Youth Choir Festival will present themselves at the competition concert and with an independent performance with a programme of their choice, as well as joining other singers at open singing and presenting a typical piece from their cultural environment. The best choirs will be awarded with money prizes.

During the festival the choirs will be provided with free meals – lunch and dinner.

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